Zahra wants to leave her solar system for the first time to search for a cure for her people.


Zahra Phtalak
Race: Lyrian
Age: 36
Sex: F
Lifespan: Approximately 150 years, but declining

Zahra grew up on the small tropical planet of Lyria. Lyria has dense areas of foliage as well as open beaches and large bodies of water. Lyrians are great swimmers and even have webbed fingers and toes. They evolved from mammals that once lived primarily in the ocean.

Zahra is the younger of two daughters birthed to A’kaya and Sonoro Phtalak. Zhara and her older sister, A’shara, grew up very close as their parents were often busy with their occupations. A’shara was 15 years older than Zhara and was more like a second mother to her than a sister in her early years. A’shara was born with a birth defect that left her lame. A’shara completed her studies at home, until she received robotic legs at the age of 22. A’shara decided to pursue robotics as a career so that she could help others with physical disabilities. Their mother, A’kaya, was a botanist and their father, Sonoro, was a marine biologist. They spent much of their time out in the field researching.

The people of Lyria have been dealing with a biological threat since the attack, by the Xacharians, 80 years ago. A biological weapon was released on the planet of Lyria, killing off many of the inhabitants, causing fertility and fetal viability problems in others, and shortening the lifespan of most. The Lyrians were once allies with the Xacharians and they often shared scientific research. Xacharia is the only other planet in the solar system with intelligent life and a similar ecosystem, although its climate is much dryer. Ties were broken when the Lyrians began moving too many of their inhabitants to the planet of Xacharia. Lyria was becoming overpopulated and unable to sustain the vast number of people. The Xacharians were concerned that their planet’s resources would also not be able to sustain the vast number of Lyrians. The Lyrians refused to leave Xacharia so the Xacharians launched an attack on Lyria to solve their population problem. There is speculation that a group of Lyrian scientists were working on a population control method with the Xacharians, but they didn’t think there would be such devastating effects. The Lyrian race is projected to become extinct in 500 years if a cure isn’t found.

Zahra’s parents were quite fortunate to birth two children as many couples could have none. Zahra’s parent’s put tremendous pressure on both girls to excel at everything. At the age of 6, Zahra was sent to live at the Academy where she received most of her education. Zahra’s parents were mainly concerned about academic success and spent little time with her otherwise. A’shara would come to visit Zahra and take her on trips all over the world when she was on break. She also enjoyed getting to see the robotics lab that A’shara worked in.

Zahra graduated at the top of her class and finished her training at the Scientific Research Center specializing in genetics. She studied under Rhavan Olmezon and continued to work with him on his research. He was more of a father figure to her in the short time she trained with him than her own father. He was already old when she began training at the Center and passed away at the age of 135. When Rhavan was on his deathbed he gave Zahra his journal, which he had written in for the past 50 years.

Zahra’s research involved developing a way to cure the fertility and fetal viability issues of the Lyrians. Rhavan Olmezon had been working on a cure for the past 75 years and she wanted to continue his research. They had recently began trying to grow fetuses in artificial wombs, but none of them survive the process. Zahra has now decided to leave her home to find answers somewhere outside her solar system, in the far reaches of the galaxy.


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