The Vexis

A faction of slave traders.

The Vexis come from outside of the Central Galaxy. They are formed mainly of the Vexis race but there are other races sometimes serving on their crews. Not a lot is known about their origins but it’s widely thought that they their home world could possibly be as far out as the outer rim. All attempts to track the Vexis usually end when they enter the Rim territories and disappear.

The Terran Conglomerate has a tough time catching these aliens as they typically do hit and run tactics in very fast, very small ships. By the time the Conglomerate knows they were there, they’re already gone.

It’s unknown what the Vexis use the slaves for but they have been seen serving on Vexis ships wearing electronic slave collars. The Vexis don’t seem to care what age or sex the slaves are. They will abduct anyone they can get their hands on as long as it’s not much of a fight to do so.

Their ships are fairly well equipped and typically have a crew of 4 to 6 with another 8 or 10 slaves on board doing menial tasks. The FTL capabilities of the ships aren’t known as they basically only harass civilizations close to the Rim.

The Vexis

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